Delicious Crab Salad Recipe | Gina Young Style


Delicious Crab Salad Recipe | Gina Young Style
Hello Everyone welcome to my channel in this video i wanted to show you all how to make this Delicious Crab Salad that is so easy to make when i make this Crab salad my Family gets so excited this recipe goes very quick so make sure you make a lot.
Have you ever wondered how Crab salad was made well wonder no longer because this is the best Recipe for Crab salad that you’ll find out there .
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You can use fresh crab if you wanted to but here at the Young’s house i love to use the imitation Crab Meat it’s so sweet and Delicious .
If you want to learn how to cook Great because i love to teach people how to cook in detail here on my channel. When i makewe videos i make sure that when your done watching the video you were able to understand step by step.
On weds and Saturdays i do live cooking sessions where you all can cook with me live it’s so much fun feel free to join us anytime .
Cooking is my Passion and i want to teach the world how to cook Gina Young Style Stress free
until the next Video God bless you all Goodnight .
Gina Young How To Cook Gina Young Recipes In The Kitchen with Gina Young Delicious Crab Salad Quick Crab Salad .
2 – 3 packs imitation crab meat
salt pepper garlic powder onion powder
dried parsley flakes for garnish
5 boiled eggs
1 small sweet Onion
green bell pepper
2- 3 fresh tomato
dukes mayo
miracle whip






  1. Hi Gina!!! Your Salad does look Oh…so…good. I can't eat I imitation crab because it has fish in it… I don't eat any fish. I would need to use real crab. Maybe can crab meat??? Then I would need alot…Maybe fresh???… Would that work??? I'm am so…fussy…Anyways the Salad look mighty tasty to me…YUMS!!!…Great Video!!!…🦋

  2. And Gina does another one! And I have to get to the store so I can make this awesome salad for dinner! But Gina? Did you know when your show comes on in the YouTube algorithm? That all of these Christian videos show with your videos? It's awesomeness! God is blessing you!
    ❤ LaStoneGal ❤

  3. Jay miss Gina thank you so much for your sharing wonderful super yummy delicious Recipe and thank you for your Beautiful video enjoy 🟦🟡❤️❤️🟥🟥🟥💟💟💟🔴🔴🔵🥰🧡🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🧡💞💞🟠💙♦️♦️🟠💓🥰🥰❣️🩵🩵❣️🟨🔵🛑🛑🟧🟧🔵💛💛🟢🟢💜💜♥️♥️💗

  4. This would be a great picnic salad if kept cool. Lemon potato salad in place of regular potato salad. make a sub sandwich and lemonade. And for dessert, a pineapple upside cake would be great. I so missed everyone Saturday, but God willing we will be here Wednesday, April 26, 2023, at 5:00 PM EST.

  5. Looks delicious but I make a mean seafood salad with cabbage, crab and sauteed shrimp with tomatoes, cucumbers and whatever veggies you want to use with fresh squeezed lemons and top it off with Ranch dressing. It is great! My friends and family love it.