(Day 4 of 100) 50/50 plate at every meal #veganweightloss #plantbased #weightlossjourney


Today is day 3 of 100 where I’m eating a 50/50 plate for every meal. So half my plate will be non starchy veggies (or fruit) and the other half will be starch usually with some added protein. Make sure to follow so you can eat along with me – @healthy.vegan.mama

Here’s what I ate if you want to try one of these meals:


Breakfast: Side of fruit, (soft) hash browns with spinach and tomatoes. I sautéed them in veggie broth and added salt, pepper, nutritional yeast and red pepper flakes for seasoning. I know I can make these crispy, but sometimes I like them like this..plus this takes 5 minutes.

Lunch – for my green smoothie I use water instead of milk to keep the calories lower. I add 1 c of pineapple, 1 frozen banana, 1 large handful of spinach and 2 c of water to a blender – voila! For my smashed potatoes, I smashed three Yukon gold potatoes (already cooked and stored in my fridge), seasoned them with garlic powder, salt, pepper, smoked paprika and a little nutritional yeast. I bakes in an convection oven until crispy. I dipped them in my cheese sauce (google Healthy Vegan Mama cheese sauce and it’ll pop up).

Dinner – I threw together a salad and used an oil free dressing – This one is from Cindy’s Kitchen. There are a few you can choose from. Then I ate my popular vegan red beans. You can find the recipe if you google Healthy Vegan Mama oil free red beans.

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