Crispy Pork Belly Bites| Air Fryer Recipe for Keto and Carnivore


This juicy and crunchy Pork Belly Recipe is one of the most popular on my blog! Super fast and easy in the air fryer and perfect for keto or carnivore.
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To make the thick juicy pork belly bites I used 1.5 lbs skinless pork belly and seasoned with kosher salt and white pepper. For the thin crunchy pork belly chips I used sliced pork belly strips.
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  1. I actually found sliced skin on pork belly for around $6 per lb (US).

    I cooked it in the air fryer yesterday with BBQ rub… GREAT flavor but the skin wasn't exactly crisp because I didn't dry it out with salt like I should have because I couldn't see the skin until I opened the package…

    Lesson learned…. they were fabulous even though they weren't all crispy.

  2. Hi, I love your videos and planning to buy that ninja air fryer. One issue is, I can't find it anywhere if I can save the grease. I use it for cooking. Second, here in the USA too many complains about Amazon sending refurbished, when the buyers asking for brand new one and stop working after a year. Can you please tell me your experience and how long do you have it ? Thank you