Crispy Air Fried Chicken Legs – healthy air fryer recipes


This air fryer spicy fried chicken was so good, I honestly liked this chicken better than the deep fried greasy stuff. For some reason when ever I have tried the deep fried chicken recipes in the past they make me feel pretty sick after eating them from eating too much grease and breading combined, and probably from over eating it too lol. There is so many budget friendly healthy meal ideas that you can tailor to your own diet with this
Big Boss Air Fryer. It is a great tool for cooking and keeping things simple.

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  1. I have a qustion wbout dredging. Some people coat the chicken with egg wash then flour. Others flour then dunk un egg wash. What is the difference? Thanks love your videos! My wife is from Trinidad. Our noses run when we eat too. Lol. We put pepper sauce in everything(like the franks red hot sauce lady)

  2. The only real difference between an air fryer and a regular oven is its fan. the circulation of air is used to dry out liquids and reduce steam, resulting in dry cooking. Your Foods own fat is the oil thats used to fry itself. Truth be told its not any different than a convection oven only that a convection's oven is not design to circulate its air as fast. And is not so confined as an air fryer.


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