Creamy Plant Based Vegan Broccoli & Potato Soup to Warm Your Soul


What could be better on a cool fall night than a Plant Based Vegan Creamy Broccoli Potato Soup? It is rich and creamy and hearty enough to satisfy even the biggest appetites. It is even better when you eat it with my Sweet Potato Flat Bread. This recipe will serve at least 6 so if you have leftovers, you can either freeze it for another meal or keep it in the fridge to eat for lunch the next day!


Onion Powder:

Sari Foods Nutritional Yeast:

Vegetable Broth recipe:

Sweet Potato Flat Bread Recipe:

What we use in our Kitchen:
Blendtec Professional 800:
Stainless Steel Drinking Straws:
Silicone Bread Pans:
Cuisinart Food Processor:
Citrus Juicer:
Sari Nutritional Yeast:
Dutch Oven:
Salad Spinner:

Organic Onion Powder:

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  1. Guess what's for our dinner tonight? As soon as I watched this, I went to the kitchen and started making it. I love that the ingredients are those we always have on hand. Thanks for sharing ~ it's smelling wonderful 😀

    Debbie in WA Ü

  2. Made this soup tonight, but substituted the cashews with a can of organic full fat coconut milk instead bcz i didn't want to run to the store for 1 thing. It was delicious. Next time I'll try it with the cashews. Thank you so much. I just subscribed. I'm looking forward to more meal choices.

  3. I just made this recently and I used the instant pot. I made sure I prepped all the ingredients and the did the sautéing in the instant pot and let it continue to sauté for 5 min with the broth and potatoes. Then I set it manual 7min with quick release but I think it could be done shorter time. Everyone loved this soup!

  4. Thank you. Not sure how to contact you so hope you get my question/ Im doing plant based whole food diet. I dont want to ruin my diet with any processed or food that is not whole grain. Are pastas made from lentils, brown rice, chickpeas, whole grain. They dont say the word Whole Grain on the package. I see the word Whole Grain when I buy whole wheat Pasta, but not when I buy these other grains like Lentil, Brown Rice, Chick peas et. Thank you Very much. Laird

  5. Made this in the vitamin though I did steam the broccoli and potatoes and sauteed the onions and celery as in on liquid this week. As always delish, Jill! I go on your channel and site first if I'm looking for a recipe. You really do need a show on good network.