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Creamy Chicken Soup is better than anything you’ve ever gotten from a can. It is a mouth watering combination of chicken, carrots and potatoes in broth that has been thickened with cream cheese. It makes a meal all by it’s self. Maybe some bread sticks or rolls in the winter and a salad in the summer, you’ll be ready for some fine dining. Don’t let Alex know your fixing it or you’ll have company for dinner. If you’re starting from scratch you will need the Chicken and Broth video first : Ingredients: 3 whole chicken breasts (see Chicken and Broth video) 1 pound raw carrots 1 pound raw potatoes 1 cup milk 3 tablespoons flour or 1 1/2 tablespoon corn starch 8 ounces cream cheese 1 to 2 tablespoons onion powder salt and pepper to taste Kitchen PO Box 243 New Tazewell, TN 37824 [email protected] #PutGodFirst #TheHillbillyKitchen #CountryCooking #VersesAndVittles #HomeCooking #SouthernCooking #Recipe #VideoCookingTutorial #Cooking #Food #Foodie #HowToCook #HowToMake #MomsCooking #GrandmasCooking #GrannysRecipes #OldFashionedCooking #ComfortFood #StruggleFood #BestRecipe #Yummy #DeliciousRecipe #Tasty #BudgetRecipe #EasyRecipe #SimpleCooking #NoFailRecipe #BeginnerCookTutorial #RealFood #SimpleRecipe #Quar antineCooking #HeirloomRecipe #100YearOldRecipe #Frying #Baking #SundayDinner #PotLuck #ChurchDinners #CookingTipsAndTricks #DepressionCooking #CastIronCooking #MealsForHardTimes #Chicken #Soup .





  1. Becky , I'm a Christian too , I have been buying at the thrift shops and reselling on FB Market Place to add a little income . I've been living on 920.00 a month and still have a mortgage ! People ask how I do it and I point up and share what Jesus has done for me , im faithful with my tithes and friends will say you can't afford that and I tell them you're wrong, I can't afford not to ! I've shared that I asked God to use me and He is , He's putting people at these Thrift Shops that have wanted and needed prayer because of stuff going on in their lives. I'm so thankful that He Blessed me with that answer to prayer for the ability to pray for people. Years ago I would never pray out loud, a sweet Sister in church prayed such beautiful prayers that just rolled her tongue and I wanted that gift to help people and lead them to our Lord and Savior Jesus ! I love my Lord more each day and Satan doesn't like this and will try to discourage me but that will never happen ! I've read the end of the Book !.we know who wins ! ! I love you my Sister and I do pray for you , I've been alone for 15 years and it's not easy at times ! Keep up the good work !

  2. Ms Becy,I am new to your channel, and am so blessed to of found it… Praise Jesus
    In this video at the 11:30ish mark you were talking about comments and how they can help.. it is true, I'm 61 and am trying to be a follower of our Lord, but in another video you commented if your new, get to know Jesus 1st then read the old testament, it is easier for me to understand.. thank you…I watch all your videos for fellowship and WONDERFUL recipes, this will be my dinner tonight with a pan of corn bread