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  1. Hello. I am happy to have discovered your channel. Do you mind telling approximately where you are located? I am not asking for your address, just a rough geographical area, so that I can have some idea of weather patterns, etc. For example, you mentioned that summer vacation has already started for your children. Here in southern Ontario, Canada, that won't happen until late June. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, YouTube for suggesting this fine channel!
    Thanks for this video and recipe. This will be so helpful as I recently had triple bypass open heart surgery and my Docs wants me to consume no salt as well as follow a diabetic diet.. This recipe will help tremendously as I am learning to cook (and prep) in a totally different way… at 75!!
    You have a new subscriber on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.💜

  3. I'm from a very different culture. English London city boy retired and now living in a rural Slovak village. Many of the foods of my native culture are not eaten/available here so if I want them I must make my own, canned soup is just one of many "missing' foods not on the supermarket shelves.

    We Europeans use weights and volumes in metric system for our measures ie no cups so your American style of working is difficult to follow. Do you think you could show metric equivalents in your printable recipe for all of us non-americans please? That way you might more views.

  4. Over the last two years, I have had many "firsts"ie garden, learned to can etc. I have just added another "first". I made home made cream of broccoli soup. I couldn't believe how good it was! Now my asparagus is coming up..that will be my next cream of soup.

  5. Good morning, I just found your channel and subscribed- God bless you .
    Oh my goodness- I am 56 yrs old I never knew this – what an amazing cheaper and healthier way to make all these soups ,
    We have a garden and property, but I had emergency back fusion in October 2022 then caught SEPSIS- Im very lucky to be here – but my back surgeries made me worse ,
    My husband does come home and work in the garden , I do what I can using my rolling walker .
    Thank you for such amazing content .
    Ive been writting so much down – from making homemade mixes , and now your soups to save us money & stock up
    With our economy going up daily.
    God bless you & your beautiful family
    Mrs josette Tharp
    Montgomery County, Texas 🙏

  6. ❤ I'm a 60+ year old woman, living in the VERY southern part of 'Hoosierville.'
    My budget for food, leftover money 💰 from paying rent, electric, gas, etc., etc. is very small. I TRY to do very best I can, & learned a LOT from my sweet mother… BUR, she passed away when she was only 47, I was 29. 💔
    I find that buying CREAM is so expensive! (I'm ON grid)
    I'm trying to incorporate everything I learn from sweet families, like yours.
    If someone can PLEASE give me tips on HOW to grow good tomato 🍅 plants, since I no longer have a yard… how to keep squirrels OUT, etc.
    I greatly appreciate ANY help I can gather from you, as well as, your subscribers!