Cooking Without Salt, Oil, and Sugar: Ideas and Amazing Flavors | Cathy Katin-Grazzini


A master class in replicating your favorite flavors without adding salt, oil, or sugar to your recipes.

Cathy Katin-Grazzini, editor of VegWorld Magazine and author of Love the Foods That Love You Back, joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll to teach the basics of SOS-free cooking, including how to draw out the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables to eliminate the need for refined sugar.

You will also learn the fundamentals of stir-frying and sauteing without oil!

Cathy has phenomenal advice for first-time cooks and lifelong master chefs to take their next kitchen creation to the next level.

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  1. I have Cathy's cookbook and am enjoying it. She does cover some very basic cooking techniques and "recipes" that are easy to make and quickly add flavor to any basic grain, bean, or vegetable dish. Many other recipes are taken from ethnic cooking traditions. I was happy to learn how to make these in a compliant manner without oil, salt, sugar. She provides extensive instructions for each recipe. At first this made them appear complex, but I discovered that the details she gives make it easy to have success making the dish the first time around. She also provides some options for people who do not have access to exotic ingredients or products. Lots of illustrations in the book enhance making choices of what to prepare, and how to present. There are also special recipes that take more time to make but could be wonderful as a meal for dinner guests or a holiday celebration. Cathy brings joy to the act of preparing and cooking food.

  2. FYI to those watching added salt: There is A Lot of added salt in Miso, its needed to do the fermenting of the soy beans, koji, and other grains, a level tablespoon of Miso paste has 600 grams of sodium….. Infact, there is most always ALOT of added salt in any thing fermented as it is part of the recipe

  3. This is a great video, thank you Chuck. Caramelizing is something I'm going to incorporate into my cooking more. I've known about it forever but just realized how much flavor I've been missing by not doing it. WFPB keeps getting better and better as you discover ways to make healthy food taste good.

  4. Honestly, this presentation made me feel overwhelmed and anxious. I had to stop. This is all new to me, and it doesn't sound easy at all . I think it's a little misleading to say that this is all at everyone's fingertips. Maybe by ordering things online? I mean miso paste?? Maybe the Japanese are very familiar with that, …
    I live in a rural town. We are doing good to have a mom and pop store with a few organic offerings.
    It would be nice if you would slow up and break things down for novices. Explain things step by step and maybe arrange for a demonstration or two. It sounds complicated. Simplify it.
    I do love the Physicians Committee and the Exam Room. At least you've giving me some guidance and direction.

  5. Seriously? Yes on no sugar and yes on no seed oils and yes on no bleached white salt. However, sea salt and Himalayan pink salt are essential minerals. Also, animal fats from grass-fed cattle, olive oil, and coconut oils are brain foods and extremely important. What you are preaching is old, incorrect science. Wake up.

  6. I pan-roast (without oil of course) tomatoes/peppers that have gone soft and most people would throw away and they are delicious alone or with mushrooms, tofu, other veggies, etc. Or I use oil-free sundried tomatoes to add flavours. I'm Italian and we use dried porcini mushrooms a lot in risottoes, You only need a few as they're so flavourful.

  7. Dried herbs, garlic and onion granules add flavour to pan-grilled tofu and reduce the need to add too much salt. Microwaving winter squashes, potatoes, etc. without a lid removes some of the water and concentrates the flavour – no need to buy a bulky air-fryer or wait ages to roast them in the oven.