Cook with Me! High Protein BBQ Keto Dip Recipe


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  1. I really really want to see you cook more, even if they are simple things. It makes it easier to visualize the often abstract numbers, Keto is often associated with.
    It's also good for ideas of how to combine various keto-approved components. Thanks, Thomas, I appreciate all your videos!

  2. Thomas, I have been in nutritional ketosis for several weeks now, I’m exercising 30-60 mins a day, reduced calories and keeping track of my macros. After the initial water loss my weight had not changed at all. 3 years ago I did the same diet and the weight melted off. What do you think is happening now?

  3. Challenge: the internet is FULL of keto recipes using dairy and almond flour! You can draw more attention if you offer delicious easy keto recipes that are dairy-free & almond-flour free! We have to search for hours sometimes to find those versions of a particular recipe, and sometimes come away empty handed! Or at least offer a 2nd version of a recipe with substitutions???


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