Condiments To Buy & Avoid This Summer – Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, And More!


Summer is in full swing, so I had to make a review video of all the condiments at the grocery store. You guys gotta know what ingredients are in the ketchup and relish you are squeezing on your hot dogs and hamburgers. I was really shocked at how many store bought mayonnaise, mustard, and relish had natural flavors, nasty preservatives, and way too much sugar. By the time you squeeze ketchup on your hot dog, you have added 3 additional teaspoons of white sugar! Luckily, there are some great sugar free options of ketchup, including my homemade recipe down below. You gotta go organic when it comes to yellow mustard, and avocado oil is your best bet for mayonnaise. Once again, just read the labels, you can easily spot the bad ingredients and replace them with better brands. Mad love Bobby…Dessi…and Art! XOXO

Buy our keto cookbook(ships worldwide, search Amazon if you’re in a another country):

sugar free ketchup:

homemade mayo:

BBQ sauce:

Primal kitchen mayo for $5.99. Use my promo link and then search Fresh Thyme Farmers Market:

Try to buy sugar free ketchup, it’s readily available these days. I would only buy avocado oil mayo, as it is the highest quality & most healthy oil to make mayo from. Organic yellow mustard is the way to go to avoid those pesky natural flavors. BBQ sauce is loaded with sugar, you gotta try to go no/low sugar added.

My fav SUGAR FREE ketchup brands:
Primal kitchen:
AlternaSweet(even better than primal):

My fav LOW SUGAR ketchup brands(2 grams of sugar or less):
Trader Joe’s organic ketchup

My fav mayonnaise brands:
Primal kitchen avocado oil:
Chosen foods avocado oil:
Sir Kensington’s avocado oil, but make sure it’s sugar free

Vegan approved mayo:
Chosen foods: avocado oil and faba water
Follow your heart soy free vegenaise
Earth balance mindful mayo

Bobby approved organic yellow mustard’s:
Target, Walmart, & Trader joe’s
whole foods 365
eden foods

The only no & low sugar BBQ sauces that doesn’t have other bad ingredients:
Primal kitchen:
The new primal:

Where to buy Bubbies dill relish:

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  1. Heinz does have catch up with no high fructose it's called Simply
    Plus I don't buy honey I haven't had sweets in 76 days, and here it is one of the receptionist at my doctor's office I told her that she said some if you get a sweet tooth have some honey I said time no I think some doctors offices will make you sick so they can put you on medication, big pharma

  2. Heinz has a veggie ketchup! It's sweetened with sugar (2 grams per serving, which is relatively better than the regular kind). It does have natural flavoring, but if you love heinz, try it! It also contains butternut squash and carrot. If you want a less sweet ketchup, it's pretty good 😅