Colorful Roasted Vegetables


how to roast vegetables

Do you love roasted vegetables? Or are you trying to love vegetables? Either way, this recipe is for you. Broccoli, bell pepper, red onion and carrots roast to golden perfection on one sheet pan. This roasted vegetable recipe is the perfect side dish for everyday dinners. It’s plenty festive for holidays, too.

You could call this recipe a roasted vegetable medley. Or a mélange (one of my favorite words!). Or just your everyday roasted vegetables recipe. The range of colors make this simple roasted side dish quite enticing. Just wait until you try my simple seasonings—they really take these veggies to the next level.

fresh vegetables for roasting

I’m obsessed with roasting vegetables because the high heat of the oven transforms standard veggies into something so much better. Roasted vegetables offer deep, complex flavor. They’re tender and irresistible, hearty and just wonderful.

You’ll find a full collection of perfected roasted vegetable recipes on this website, and this one wins the award for most colorful! It’s also perhaps the most versatile. Please give it a try.

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