The great debate is all about “clean vs dirty keto!” First fo all, what is dirty keto, and is it really necessary to eat clean? This is a question I get all the time from my viewers, and it is very valid. If I’m losing weight on keto…does it really matter what I eat, as long as I keep the fats high and the carbs low?

In this video I will explain:

The advantages and disadvantages of eating “dirty keto”
What foods are considered clean and which are dirty.
Why it’s important to eat clean for long term health and disease prevention.


Dr. Nick

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  1. The absolute nicest, non judgemental, classiest presentation on the Keto diet I have EVER seen on youtube and I don't have an excess weight problem or even really need to lose but maybe 5 to 7 pounds because I weight train and do martial arts and have been for 45 years now, that said, this guy is not only knowledgeable but does'nt come accross like a pompous, arrogant numbskull like a lot of these other "so called" Keto experts, again great presentation Sir!!

  2. I’m 32 with colon cancer and no family history of cancer. Take it from me, you mess with your health, you pay the piper. I have to shit in a bag now and have had chemo for 8 straight months. Colon cancer is on the rise in people in their 30s… I’m here to learn how to keep cancer away. I appreciate the lesson.

  3. My intention was to deal with insulina resistance and I was researching for recipes most that I found was meto, cake, keto cookies, keto bread. My first thought was wasn’t this supposed to be a better diet? My second, I don’t eat that way how am I supposed to start eating all that crap now? My biggest issue is reaching the protein amount. It’s a lot of food. And I can’t have a lot of the green vegetables because my hypothyroidism. So I guess I wasn’t so wrong that still need to eat clean. Intermittent fasting is also helping a lot. Thanks.

  4. Great presentation! I gotta say, I'm dirty and I have been for four years…and down 60 lbs. I try to get clean but it just doesn't work for me. I combine the two and I have dirty days and clean days or some combination of the two. I'm not giving up dirty keto food. You'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands. Hopefully that will be when I'm in my 90s or older and it won't matter.

  5. Thank you so much, new subscriber here. May The Lord bless the work of your hands and I pray you continue to inspire and educate people coming from a place of love 🙏🏻 I truly appreciate your contents. Watching all the way from Philippines 🇵🇭😊🥰

  6. I am on Keto to lower and control blood sugar. Which I have done. I am not that interested in being in Ketosis at all. I do get concerned when keto experts start push Things such as grass feed or free roaming food. That’s more of a left wing ideal, than a necessary component of keto. And pushing non-living food is also left wing. Please keep silly political considerations out of keto.

  7. I know this is a year and a month after the video, but I've just now "discovered" your channel. I started the keto lifestyle on Sept. 1, 2020, but didn't really know what I was doing, despite watching Dr. Eric Berg and Dr. Sten Ekberg's videos. I've found, and I find, the information both doctors put out to be excellent, and will continue to listen to all of you. I enjoy learning, and now want to know all I can about proper eating and nutrition!
    I must have been doing dirty keto at the beginning (not anyone else's fault at all, but entirely mine!!), because while I was losing weight, I was still feeling nauseous after eating certain things.
    I'm dealing with nearly 100 food allergies and intolerances that I've had nearly all my life (I'm 67, almost 68), so that doesn't help with getting enough of the right foods in, but I did finally figure out what I can eat, and what to avoid, so I've been clean keto for the past nine days….and oh, man, what a difference it makes!! I've not only lost more weight (with yet about 115 pounds to go), but my blood pressure was 124/63 just after midnight as I was watching this video! Compared to what it was five years ago, that's AMAZING! Five years ago, it was 213/131, no exaggeration, and my doctor at that time thought I was going to have a stroke or a heart attack. I also have dealt with a multitude of health issues all my life, and now understand many have been due to what I was putting into my body.

    I've since moved to another state from my beloved northern lower Michigan, and with the strong encouragement of several good friends here, began to lose weight a different way than keto, so that didn't work all that well. Now, with this way of life, my health is improving dramatically in so many ways, it would take me pages to explain (and there's no need to do so). Having listened to your explanation of clean vs dirty keto was very helpful because now I have the "missing link" of information that I simply didn't "get" earlier, so thank you for taking the time to clearly explain not only what dirty keto is, but also its side effects.

    Now my primary goal, besides losing the weight while getting healthy first, is to get off the antihypertensive poisons I'm on, because I'll control my a1c and blood sugars with diet and exercise, and I'll control my BP the same way!

  8. So for clean keto does that mean no keto pancakes, and biscuits etc. switched pork bacon to turkey, switch to almond milk, switched to mainly chicken and here and there beef. But I’m just curious because I want to stick with this diet for the long haul but I don’t want heart disease in the long run……. also switch cane sugar to erithynitol sugar. Switch my butter to actual butter too. Love this video tho! Very informative.

  9. Thank you so much for your informative videos on the REAL Keto! I've been doing clean keto (dairy free) and I've never felt s
    or looked better! My anxiety is gone, I have sooo much energy and I've lost 10 pounds. If anyone out there is discouraged, don't worry, you CAN do it!

  10. Dr. Nick, I really love how you lay it all out. I would love to see a basic daily diet that one could follow easily. The problem with a lot of videos about what to eat in a day is they all want variety to make it seem more exciting. I just want the straight forward Breakfast: 2 eggs 2 bacon. Snack: Fatbomb Lunch: Chicken thighs and an avocado. Dinner: Burger with cheese and a spinach salad with blue cheese. etc.


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