Clean Eating For Beginners | Never "diet" again


The 6-Week Clean Eating Program is a complete and thorough online omnivore meal plan that specializes in clean eating cooking skills, and meal prepping.

The goal is to help you reach a healthy weight in a healthy way without going crazy in the process. Never “diet” again and instead change your eating habits for good.


▢3/4 cup old-fashioned rolled oats
▢3/4 cup milk of choice
▢1/2 cup raspberries – or any other type of berries
▢1 Tbsp maple syrup
▢1 cup quinoa
▢2 eggs
▢1 carrot
▢1 Lebanese cucumber
▢1/2 cup grape tomatoes
▢1 Tbsp chopped parsley
▢1/2 lemon
▢1 Tbsp olive oil
▢2 boneless skinless chicken thighs
▢1 small sweet potato
▢10 asparagus
▢2 tsp avocado oil
▢1/2 tsp paprika
▢1/2 tsp oregano
▢1/4 tsp chili powder
▢sea salt





  1. i love eating healthy but my mom loves processed foods and is not very much into cooking. since i started cooking for my own (mostly plant based but with some meat every now and then and a cheat day once a week) i feel sooooo amazing!! energized, no bloating and no cravings at all. i think the key is to not be too restrictive. also i noticed once you start to eat healthy you crave those foods. you don't enjoy processed foods anymore as you did before

  2. I want to try clean eating. Having 4 children it's been too easy to fall into the overly processed foods because they're easy. I'm going to definitely try this meal plan because it's quick and easy, and I want to introduce clean eating to my kids while they're still little so they make better choices when they're older. Thanks for this video. Definitely subscribing. 😀

  3. I need to change my way of eating!! My body is screaming at me 🥺🥺 I know we can’t put a price to health but the price it’s quite high for your program 🥺 I know that compare to all the doctors appointments and medications they give you this is quite better! But now my financial situation is not at its best! But I subscribed to your channel just to keep in touch for the future!

  4. I love the recipes in this video, and I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm begging you please do some research on how to properly use sharp utensils in the kitchen. I was clenching so hard when you were pulling that grater towards your hand with the carrot, and I could hardly watch when your fingertips were extended by the knife blade as you were chopping. I would suggest practicing the claw technique for using knives in the kitchen.

  5. What do you recommend for people who are addicted to sweets it’s especially hard because I work in a bakery so I’m constantly around them I’ve tried replacing with fruit but then it doesn’t satisfy me and I end up eating a sweet anyway

  6. Please don't call it 'clean'. We don't have to assign adjectives like clean or dirty to food. We don't need to assign moral value to our food consumption. I see how this is not an issue for most people but I really spiraled into anorexia in 2014 and that was the peak of the 'clean eating' era. Maybe call it 'happy' eating or 'colorful' eating because the recipes you promote are absolutely fantastic. So why not emphasize how great they make us feel?