Classic Spanish Lentil Stew | One of Spain´s Most Iconic Dishes


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  1. Greetings from California! You are the coolest, I really dig you! Your recipes are so enticing and simple, just the way I like them! I am now an old bag and don't have much gumption to cook, but your YT shows light a fire under my butt. Take care, my friend, and stay safe.

  2. I lived in Spain for two years long ago, 1980-1982. I spent most of my time in Andalucia (southern Spain) and the Canary Islands. One fond memory of the 9 months I spent living in Sevilla with friends, was our nearly daily lunch trek to a small bar/cafe for a quick, cheap, deliciious lunch. The menu was limited, and when we entered the waiter frequently shouted, "Hoy hay lentejas y ensalada," or "Today we have lentils and salad," and that was always music to our ears. Love this lentil stew and I continue to cook it to this day, along with a frequent Spanish tortilla or paella. Love the food of Spain!

  3. Thank you for this idea. I made a delicious version. I substituted peppers for celery, used tomato paste and deglazed with wine. Added some chili flakes with the paprika. Kept the skin on the potatoes and added spinach. Holy Toledo, was it so good! Very umami and cozy. Salud!

  4. That is totally a misrepresentation of a classic lentil Spanish stew. Call it a vegan variant of a Spanish lentil stew, but not classic. Bloody hell, English people are the only ones who know how to spoil traditional food from another country with their cooking style touch. I don't want to criticise the recipe, but don't call what is not