Classic Spanish Fish Soup | Authentic Flavors & Done in 30 Minutes


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  1. This looks absolutely delicious. I make many of your recipes but bought regular smoked paprika and my saffron threads had been around for a bit so not much flavour. I just ordered the Golden saffron and Brindisi La Chinata imported Spanish paprika because it's in a metal, not plastic container. I never buy anything packaged in plastic if I can help it. The paprika brand you just showed us – is it in glass?

  2. Big appreciation for showing how to make this soup within about five-minutes of this video. The four frames showing the chopping of carrots, celery, garlic and onions helped to create a nice visual without taking up too much time or discussion. For those of us who watch your videos regularly, I would imagine we are all becoming more efficient in stocking our larders with ingredients that are likely to be used in these recipes. Plus, we are becoming better cooks at making meals in less than a half hour. Oh, and naming the regions of wine for pairing with meals has been a great suggestion. Thanks!