Classic French Onion (Onyo) Soup! Chef Jean-Pierre


Hello Friends, today I make a recipe that has been HIGHLY requested on the channel, a classical French Onion Soup! This is by far the best ways to prepare a Onion soup. I hope you all enjoy making this with me! Recipe Link: Check out our Amazon Page: My Channel: Instagram: Facebook: ChefJeanPierre: Chef JP Store :.





  1. Dear Chef… HELP! Now, first, let me state, that your stuff is amazing. I cooked the beef stock the other day, and it was wonderful. You might remember me, I am the guy who asked why you didn't put garlic in stock. Your explanation was perfect. Blew my mind. So here I am, making the soup and… I'm confused. now, it could be because I was raised cooking with my mentors being a NY Jewish Grammy, and my father who was a NY classically trained chef… but here we are again, in your amazing soup… AND THERE IS NO GARLIC?!?!? I mean, I have put garlic basically in EVERYTHING I have ever cooked. The recipe asks for 2 cloves, I put in 5… it's just how I was raised. But now… I have no garlic in your recipe. don't onions and garlic just go together like Peanut butter and Jelly? I can't wait for it to be finished…smells so good. Thank you again for your new uploads.

  2. Absolutely the best receipt for French Onyo Soup on the Internet. I was in a rush and needing a receipt for French Onyo Soup and after 10-15 boring videos; I landed upon Chef Jean-Pierre's video. What a treat, from start to finish. I so enjoyed your video Chef, and your presentation. The whit and measurement criteria were impeccable. Love you Chef; I am looking forward to more of your receipts and videos, Thank you so much for such an entertaining evening.


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