CILANTRO LIME CHICKEN | easy & flavorful chicken thigh recipe


Cilantro lime chicken is packed with bold flavors and makes for a quick and easy weeknight dinner! Just a handful of ingredients – lime, cilantro, garlic, cumin, chili powder and honey – turn humble chicken thighs (or breasts) into an amazingly delicious and easy main course.

Serve this chicken recipe with a variety of side dishes, like Mexican rice, cilantro lime rice, steamed vegetables, and more. You can find many option on my website below. Hope you love this tasty chicken thighs recipe as much as I do!

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  1. Happy Friday friends! You can't beat a flavor-packed (and easy) chicken recipe. And what do you think about the taste-test at the end of the video? Should I do that in the future? Or do you just like the raised eyebrow wink and voiceovers? 😂 Let me know! xo – Lisa

  2. This looks great. Definitely going to try it. I have two suggestions from a similar dish that I have made. One, on the skin side make two slits perpendicular to the bone about one inch apart. This help the marinade penetrate into the meat and also helps it to cool a little quicker. It also adds a nice look to the finished product. Two, Boil the leftover marinade to make an awesome sauce to pour over the chicken. Increase the quantities if you want more sauce.

  3. Thanks for the video but I fail to understand how the marinade doesn’t do anything for the chicken. All spices used in this receipt is brined up while on stove top or in oven. I haven’t tried it. I’ve cooked a lot of chicken dishes yet this seems appealing but you will not taste the cilantro or lime.

  4. Love this recipe, I've been making this weekly since I watched your video, thank you, it became my favorite dish! Tonight I'm wondering if I can substitute lime with lemon because I ran out of lime but have lemon at home. I'm not an experimental cook so I thought I'd better ask 🙂


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