Chopping everything up to keep things fresh // Soup Classic Motoring 73


Carving up the workshop may seem like going backwards, but finding the motivation to continue cutting up my Lotus chassis was difficult… something had to change. Support the channel at .





  1. I remember having a near argument with an extremely snobby woman on the Lotus Owners Club stand at the NEC Classic car show one year. She wouldn't have it that it was possible to repair one of these chassis by welding it, because – apparently – the cars were precisely engineered to handle the exact amount of horsepower and that a replacement chassis was the only possible way to do it. Anything else would be basically suicide. I asked her how it was that Lotus had been steadily ramping up the power since the first cars were made and hadn't (AFAIK) changed the chassis. It all got a bit heated from that point on. Nice work your doing there!

  2. I am not sure if striclty required in this cicumstance (HA – and too late now) – but when there are so many welds over a span – I always prefer to act like am torquing a head and 'cross weld' from end to end – diagonal to diagonal – in my opinion/experience – it seems less chance to distort. BEST videoing on YouTube – bar none.