Chipotle BANNED This Viral Order, So We Made it Keto!


In this video, we make a dupe for Chipotle’s Quesadilla with Honey Vinaigrette!
Our recipe:
Cauliflower Rice video:

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  1. Unfortunately the cauliflower rice at Chipotle is only at certain stores. I got it at the one in Chimney Rock in Bound Brook, NJ but not at the newer one in Flemington. I asked for it and they said "we don't serve that here." I was so irritated. I will try this because I love Chipotle and can't go to the one in Flemington because they don't sell the cauli rice! Grrr…. I make my own all the time. I love those packets from Costco. I season them with cilantro and lime and jalapeno and tastes the same to me.

  2. At the 9-minute Mark when you said that Gordon Ramsay called you I was like AWESOME… to think that a famous Chef has heard about you and reached out to you to ask a question… did He ask you for any special tips while he was on the phone with you??? Wouldn't it be neat if he backed or sponsored your program??? I'm sure that Gordon Ramsay must understand the importance and the need of Keto Recipes for Optimum Health and Nutrition…

  3. If I was in a restaurant and I ordered something and it was costly and if they didn't really have hardly anything because they were out I would call them on it they would either have to make some more or they would have to refund me. A happy customer is a repeat customer and a happy customer usually tips good.