Chicken Tortilla Soup // From my New Kitchen to Yours ❤️


This Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup will impress you, it is a perfect hit on the spot meal. Many think that that Tortilla soup is to be enjoyed only when it’s cold outside, but the truth is you can have it anytime you’re hungry… kids love it and so will you. I love making this Chicken Tortilla Soup because not only is it delicious, but it’s easy and it’ll become something you dream about. I believe in making things your way, there are many different recipes out there, and this is mine…I add rice to mine because it’s the most delicious with it, otherwise I’d leave it out. My Ron and I love it with toasted bread on the side, maybe because it’s so cheesy and the cheese and toast are so good together, who knows! we love it both ways, with corn tortilla strips and toast…I can’t make excuses. I hope you give it a try.❤️ INGREDIENTS——————————— 12 C. Water 2 large bone In Chicken breast (skin left on one only) 1 tsp peppercorn 1 tsp whole cumin 3 large garlic cloves 2 guajillo chiles (seeds and veins removed) 1/2 med onion, chopped 2 medium green onions (chopped with green parts) 2 Tbsp chicken bouillon 2 large bay leaves 1 1/2 C. Diced can tomatoes 1 large celery rib diced 1/2 med Orange bell pepper, chopped 1 large jalapeño (slices) seeds removed 1/2 C. Long grain rice 1 C. Black beans rinsed 1 C. Sweet whole corn (with liquid) CORN TORTILLA STRIPS——————- Corn tortillas as needed Light olive oil (just to coat lightly ) Smoked paprika (or regular )just to coat Salt as needed SIDES AND TOPPINGS —————— FRESHLY GRATED COLBY JACK CHEESE (or other as needed) Chopped Cilantro Toasted buttered bread SUGGESTED VIDEOS —— ————— CALDO DE ALBONDIGAS WHITE BEANS AND HAM SOUP HOMEMADE VEGETABLE BEEF SOUP CLASSIC CALABACITAS CON POLLO FRENCH ONION SOUP ROASTED TOMATILLO CHICKEN SOUP FIDEO WITH GROUND BEEF AND POTATOES SOPA DE CODITOS DISCLAIMER DO NOT EAT OR SERVE THIS DISH TO A NYONE WHO IS OR MIGHT BE ALLERGIC TO ANY INGREDIENT IN THIS DISH. #tortillasoup #chickensoup #rachelcookswithlove





  1. Love your new kitchen Rachel, lot's of delicious meals will be cooked there 🙂 Would love a tour of your new kitchen and home ❤❤❤ As always, thank you for taking the time to show us all these wonderful recipes. I have tried so many and because of you, and your step by step instructions, they have all been winners!

  2. RACHEL your extraordinary and I totally love your recipes your very intact and explanatory on amount to use on recipes ❤ Are you permanently now in TEXAS?? I live in EL PASO TEXAS!! What part of Tx are you from?? But hope to see a video on your new home and your Ron 🤘