Chicken soup: The story of "Jewish penicillin"


For centuries chicken soup has been prescribed by grandmothers and doctors alike for all manner of ailments, but many believe there really is evidence to support the prescription. Correspondent Nancy Giles talks with food historian and cookbook author Joan Nathan, and with New York’s 2nd Ave. Deli owner Jack Lebewohl and executive chef David Teyf about the universal love for chicken soup. “CBS Sunday Morning” features stories on the arts, music, nature, entertainment, sports, history, science and Americana, and highlights unique human accomplishments and achievements. Check local listings for CBS Sunday Morning broadcast times. Subscribe to the “CBS Sunday Morning” YouTube channel: Get more of “CBS Sunday Morning”: Follow “CBS Sunday Morning” on Instagram: Like “CBS Sunday Morning” on Facebook: Follow “CBS Sunday Morning” on Twitter: Subscribe to our newsletter: Download the CBS News app: Try Paramount+ free: For video licensing inquiries, contact: [email protected]





  1. I always do it with left-over chicken (or guinea fowl) carcass from a roast – wash and remove most skin and fat – simmer with bay, carrot and celery 2 hrs or until meat is ready to fall off bones- – gently fry some onion , 1 garlic clove, carrot and celery as little as possible in light (not virgin) olive oil , before adding strained chicken broth – I add a Chinese twist; chopped lettuce in the last few minutes plus a little sesame oil to add crunch and a nutty-sweet lift, plus vermicelli plus parsley- – if you have time to make matzo balls, a small pinch of dried ginger in the matzo balls or in the soup-! You can use the chicken fat you skim off the broth as the schmaltz in the matzo balls…also I like to add the meat from the chicken , expecially the neck meat – yummy!

  2. I would think chicken soup has been around since someone invented the pot to boil it in ! Before that – invention of the cooking pot – meat would have been roasted and vegetables probably eaten raw. My hypothesis is that a woman (mother) invented chicken soup. Chickens would be easy to catch and clean. With a cook pot, there is no need to monitor fire, roasting meat and by boiling the vegetables, they become soft enough for infants to eat. Original one pot meal for busy mothers, improves the survival rate of their children.

  3. Good homemade chicken soup really is the best medicine. I don't care who makes it really, although my Mom's is fantastic. Jewish, Italian, Slovak, Hungarian, German….. with or without Matzo balls…. I love it.

    Now off to Corkey and Lenny's deli on Chagrin in Beachwood OH for a quart to take home!! Or should I just go to Joe's Deli on Hillard Rd in Rocky River OH? Google them both – the next time you're in the Cleveland OH area they are must stops for great chicken – Matzo ball soup!!!

  4. I’ve had this type of soup several times but I find it a bit bland to my palate. I find the different chicken soup recipes stemming from the Mediterranean and Caribbean to be so much more seasoned, tastier and with hearty chicken fat broth.

  5. More FAKE NEWS from the hateful, lying media, truly the enemy of the American people. This nothing, but a useless "conspiracy theory", perhaps the so called reporter should stop watching so much A. Jones from Infowars, if not he needs to tune his tin foil hat, in a different direction.