chicken soup recipe is one of popular soup recipes which is very simple as well as tasty and healthy.This is very healthy chicken soup without using any egg or cornflour.To make this easy soup recipe we used some fresh vegetable including onion,carrot,cabbage,capsicum,french beans,spring onion,most important chicken breast.If you really want to know how to make healthy chicken soup recipe indian style then follow along this video.

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Chicken Soup Recipe Ingredients

chicken boneless or bone-in[300 gm]
water [1 lt]
salt [1 tsp][adjust as per need]
black pepper[1 tsp]
ginger-garlic chopped[1 tbsp]
onion chopped[3 tbsp]
cabbage chopped[3 bsp]
carrot chopped[3 tbsp]
french beans chopped[2 tbsp]
capsicum chopped[3 tbsp]
spring onion[2 tbsp]
oil[3 tbsp]

**Note: This is healthy chicken soup recipe without using any cornflour-water mixture and egg.
1.If you want to add cornflour-water mixture
add them at the end.
2.if you want to use egg you can add them.

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