Chicken and egg soup with lemon – Avgolemono


Avgolemono, a Greek style soup that’s made with chicken stock, rice, eggs and lemon juice. So simple, so delicious. The soup is thickened with the eggs and the rice giving a rich creamy finish without any cream. The rice has to be cooked until it starts to break apart. The eggs are mixed with a little of the hot stock or soup first to emulsify them, preventing the eggs from scrambling and having a curdle finish. They are then poured back into the soup for that creamy velvety finish. The chicken is shredded and the meat put into the soup. It’s served with some fresh dill, a generous swirl of extra virgin olive oil and of course some crusty toasted bread. ▶ See Recipe Here ▶ Check out my favorite kitchen tools here (affiliate): ▶ Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Facebook: Want to mail me something? Fan mail and products MAILING ADDRESS: RECIPE30 PO BOX 416 MOUNT MARTHA 3934 VICTORIA AUSTRALIA Collaborations and Sponsorship, inquiries: ▶ Music by:.





  1. Oof that rain 🌧 and your soup 🍲 perfect combination Joel the visual treat ,the romantic music hot piping lemon 🍋 chicken 🍗 soup 🥣 so calming and so satisfying. This is the only channel I always wish to come back to relax enjoy and learn thank u

  2. As a Greek american, I 100% approve.
    This is a 10 folks.
    I've had several aveglemono soups…this is my fave.
    Remember to always temper your eggs into hot broth or else you get scrambled eggs.
    I used the extra chicken meat for enchiladas!
    Two meals out of one chicken!

  3. There is nothing more beautiful than rainy weather and then I get warm with this soup
    I cooked it in this frosty weather here..
    Really this soup is magnificence
    I can feel so good and healing now
    Thank you Chef Joel for that healthy and genius soup.
    I love that jazz music so much and this amazing video with little story about incredible rainy night.


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