Cheesy Keto Enchiladas Recipe | Low Carb Mexican Food


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Cheesy Keto Enchiladas Recipe | Low Carb Mexican Food
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Cheesy Keto Enchiladas Recipe
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  1. Yum! I'm going to try them. However, instead of that "gross" (in my opinion) canned red chile sauce, which I have tried before. I would check to see if your grocery stores sold, "Bueno" frozen red NM chile sauce. It's the "legit" sauce for enchiladas or other dishes. It only contains pureed New Mexican Red Chile. My Wal-mart sells it in the frozen food section and honestly, it really does make a big difference. They sell the Green Chile version too! Of course, it helps that I live in New Mexico. ;D You can order it on the Bueno website too.

  2. I made this and it tastes amazing if you refrigerate overnight and allow the sauce and spices to absorb fully (same trick works for any lasagna fyi)

    I used peppjack cheese and sharp cheddar and taco seasoning instead of chili powder and shredded beef instead of mild Italian sausage and it was fantastic. Next time I'm gonna try adding onions and tomatoes and lettuce for a more authentic feel. Great recipe and very flexible so creating variations will be fun (just like fat coffee) thank you for the great video!

  3. A wooden salad bowl to break eggs in? In another video trying to make a flourless chocolate cake you all used a pie pan type instead of the ringed pan so your cake wasn't
    as high as the original. A hint: I find all kinds of extra baking pans and nice glass bowls (So you don't have to micro in plastic) at Goodwill for very cheap. Just saying.


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