Cheap, Quick and Easy Shoyu Ramen Recipe


Follow me on instagram: Today we’re revisiting the most popular video on this channel and making a cheaper, quicker, easier version of a shoyu ramen. This is probably the easiest recipe on this channel and it tastes pretty damn good, to be honest. This video was inspired by a Japanese ramen youtuber, please check out his channel: Ingredients (1 Serving) Ramen Noodles Soup: 300ml Hot water 1 Tbsp Shoyu 1 Tsp Chinese or Japanese Chicken stock powder pinch of grated ginger 1 Tsp Lard Ajitama tare: 1 Tbsp Shoyu 1 Tbsp Sake 1 Tsp Sugar .





  1. hey Ramen man you should do a video on how to premake Chicken stock(and maybe a veggie option for our vegan friends) for this kinda quick soup! i mean recipes are usually pretty easy and then you wont need lard cause stock will already have fat, then you just need Shoyu broth and noods!!

  2. good video, just made this, but i have to disagree on the cook time. saying that "this ramen can be put together in the amount of time that it takes to boil water" is just a straight lie, because you're not considering cook time of toppings, like the ajitama.

  3. Tips;

    Instead of chicken stock, use msg, one table spoon.

    Only use one full cup of water and two table spoons of shoyu, as its gonna be very diluted with just one table spoon,

    Sesame oil, with vinegar and a few drops of Sriracha sweet chili sauce.