Celery Caesar Salad | That Sounds So Good


Who doesn’t love a Caesar Salad!?!
No one!
Who doesn’t love celery!??!!
Uhhhh, lots of people maybe!!!!! But not me!
The actual title of this recipe in my book is Sorry, I Like Celery. Because I do, and half my family does not. Sorry not sorry.
I want you to love it. I DARE YOU to love it. And if you really don’t, the dressing is awesome on regular old romaine.
xxxxxs and ooooooos

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Producer: Zoie Omega

Camera: Tim Racca

Food Stylist: Cybelle Tondu

Editor: Meg Felling

Theme music performed by Madison McFerrin. Written by Madison McFerrin. Used by Permission of MadMcFerrin Music LLC.





  1. something I love about these videos is that we aren't just rushing through the whole cooking process and even getting little detours like the appetizer interlude 🙂 nothing worse than watching a cooking video that stresses me out because then I'll feel like cooking the recipe will also be stressful