Carla Makes Beans, Greens, and Sausage Soup


Beans are good luck for the New Year! Eat up, make a wish, do your best, kiss your people. This recipe is from my book, That Sounds So Good! Instagram 00:00 Intro 00:37 Soffritto and Sausage 05:18 Pleasing Seasonings 07:56 Adding Lentils 09:32 Bowl Aplenty 11:48 Frank’s Vinegar Listen to my podcast, Borderline Salty! Thank you to my Patreon community for supporting my work. Consider joining us over there! I write two newsletters a month, provide written recipes, and publish my videos ad-free and 72 hours before they are published on YouTube. We have fun, and I donate 5 to 8 cents from every dollar I earn. More about Carla, including info on her books, is here: Producer: Zoie Omega Director of Photography: Tim Racca Food Stylist: Cybelle Tondu Editor and Comic Genius: Meg Felling Theme music performed by Madison McFerrin. Written by Madison McFerrin. Used by permission of MadMcFerrin Music LLC. #beansandgreens #thatsoundssogood #luckysoup .





  1. i riff something similar to this with canned butter beans when i have sausage that needs using up and it tastes amazing (and takes 20 minutes with canned beans). excited to try your recipe, i'd not thought of putting cumin in! i usually use ras el hanout, because as weird as it sounds it works really well with the sausages that i buy.

  2. Love this soup minus the kale so I would just sub in fresh spinach at the end with the sausage. I often overcook lentils so I might go with chickpeas or a combo. Love having recipes that you can customize to your location and climate around the world. What a great use for day old crusty bread. Thanks for the warmth.

  3. In NK Jemisin’s short story L’Alchimista, a grumpy perfectionist chef in Milan, is challenged by a stranger to cook extremely complicated “recipes” that have magical results. You made me remember this wonderful story.

    One of my favourite lines “Who is to say plutonium is more powerful than, say, rice? One takes away a million lives, the other saves a hundred times as many.”