Bell pepper salad – Capsicum Salad Recipe – Veg Salad Recipes – Salads Recipes

Vegetable salad in this veggie salad recipe I have used three different colours of Capsicums. In this Multi-colour vegetable salad we have used raw vegetables. Usually raw vegetables are better than cooked ones. While cooking we lose some vitamins and minerals in vegetables and those who are in diet and health conscious to lose weight this is a very good vegetable salad. It’s very filling and it’s very good for health.

Normally we use carrot, onion, cucumber, tomato and lettuce for vegetable salad recipes but in this veggie salad we used three different colour capsicums along with carrot. We have not used lettuce too in this salad.

Vegetarian salad recipe ingredients

Yellow capsicum – 1No. medium size
Red capsicum – 1No. medium size
Green capsicum – 1No. medium size
Carrot – 1No. medium size
Mango (ripe or green) – 1No. medium size
Grated coconut – 1 tbspn
Jaggery powder – 1 tbspn
Black pepper powder – 1 tspn
Extra Virgin Olive – 1 tbspn
Roasted peanuts – 1½ tbspn
Lemon – 1No.
Salt to taste
Preparation of Multi-colour vegetable salad

Cut all the all colour capsicum, carrot and mango in to thin same size fine pieces. You can cut the vegetables in any shape as you like and we cut in 1½ inch thin length pieces. Add the vegetables one by one in to the bowl first yellow capsicum, green capsicum, red capsicum, carrot and mix it well in a manner all the vegetables are mixed together, and then add mango pieces, for this salad you can use ripped mango or green mango. Add the grated coconut and mix again.

Squeeze the lemon in the bowl and add extra virgin olive oil, black powder, salt and finally powdered jaggery and mix it well still the jaggery dissolves. Pour this mixture in the veggie salad and mix it well. Add roasted peanuts in the mixture and mix it well. The delicious low calorie Multi-colour vegetable salad ready to serve.

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Bell pepper salad – Capsicum Salad Recipe – Veg Salad Recipes – Salads Recipes


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