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Canning with Stevia is safe for beginners and experienced canners alike. Stevia is heat stable and thus is a great thing to explore. If you’ve wondered how to make jam with no sugar, this post is for you! The post has healthy canning recipes and canning without sugar. You’ll see delicious canning recipes with no sugar like Lime Cherries, Canned Peach Sauce, and Blood Orange Cherries. Preserving with Stevia is easy! Learn how to make jam without sugar and get healthy canning ideas with this post!

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  1. I made pepper jelly with stevia and also used pectin. DID NOT thicken. So frustrated. But when l made the same recipe with sugar for my family and friends. PERFECT. I reprocessed MY stevia jelly and still not thickening. Ugh. Well l mixed some with my homemade bbq sauce and was good , so guess l could always use for syrup. Hahha. TFS. ❤️

  2. The blog post page is jumping b/c of tons of commercial on that page, it is impossible to read the text. Then there is a link to recipes but when you click on it, it takes you to a page where you have to pay to get the recipe.
    Okay, let's see if I find somebody else who actually presents a sugar free canning recipe w/o having me click on links here and there and asks for money at the end.

  3. I have been using pure stevia in my beverages and in some cooking since about 2009 but  the ''Stevia'' that is now on most shelves in supermarkets is NOT pure stevia it is combined with some type of sugar alcohol derivative. There's nothing wrong with it but because I use pure stevia which I've only found on the Frontier website I have to figure out how much to use. If I used the 2-3 tablespoons that you recommend I wouldn't be able to eat the food as it would be gaggingly sweet. Here's an example: Last time I bought a pound of pure stevia from Frontier it came in 1/4 lb bags and they were about $18 dollars each. I bought four of them for a slight discount because of buying quantity. so a pound cost me roughly around $70 give or take a little. I use it every day in my coffee and tea, iced tea, homemade lemonade, etc. I still have 2 unopened bags that I haven't used yet and I bought that stevia in 2013. That's how little it takes to sweeten something. I use less than 1/8 teaspoon in a 16 oz iced coffee and it is plenty sweet. It's just not the same as the supermarket ''Stevia'' which is not pure stevia. However, now that you've said that you have researched it and found stevia to be safe for canning I am going to start sweetening my canning with it. My  last batch of canning was organic peaches and I used organic apple juice to can them but having sweeter peaches will be quite tasty. Thank you!


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