Canning Vegetable Soup – You'll be glad you have it come winter


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  1. I saw you on Sow the Land – did you enjoy your day? Never hurts to learn new things even if just a bit is new. Always something you can gain. Soup looks good. Hey, you did great on the safety tips! Important info that may save someones life.

  2. I've been canning up a lot of soup this summer! I have a pint nearly everyday for lunch in winter. Commercial soups have only half the protein I need. I buy all my ingredients since I can't have a garden. It's still cheaper than store bought soup and meets my diet requirements!

  3. I really need to put some of this up as well. I can’t remember, is it the 90 minutes because you used chicken broth or is just the normal time for the soup? I know you normally process meat in quarts for the 90 minutes. I just can’t remember.