CANNING Vegetable Soup for BEGINNERS


Come along as I make & can Vegetable Soup! So EASY! Anyone can do this!
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  1. Patara! I just love you so much! I put your videos on while I am working remotely and sometimes I catch myself talking with your accent. LOL! I have always loved any kind of accent! 🤣 I know you forgot the salt in the ground beef video but wonder if the food would have better flavor if you seasoned before canning. I was thinking of adding fresh onion and garlic to the ground beef

  2. ?? – Is it possible to can and store Brunswick stew? My local BBQ stand makes the best and I want to can it if it is possible? I am new to canning and I want to learn from an experienced canner so I don't make mistakes and ruin good food. Thank you!!

  3. Oh my goodness. I just watched a video the guy canned tomatoes without canning them no water bath or pressure canned. He than said to tighten the band really well and turned the jars upside down. I found myself yelling Pataras words at the tv. " just because your ma ma did it that way a 100 years ago doesn't make it safe. I pray some newbie to canning doesn't see this video.

  4. I enjoyed this video! Home canning is something that I learned from my mom when I was young. My daughters are now learning from me. It is truly a comfort to have food that I canned on my shelves. I am also thankful that I have my supplies to keep on canning. My wish and prayer s that more people learn form safe canners like you to keep food on their tables!

  5. Patera, would you please consider posting your Facebook Live videos to YouTube also? Those messages are very valuable and inspiring, and they should be available to the people who are trying to limit or avoid FB. Please think about it. Thanks!