Candied Ginger with Sugar & Sugarfree


Make delicious candied ginger with sugar or without sugar. Both render a delicious sweet candied ginger that is a welcome addition to any recipe. Both versions can be added to any baked goods or salads or on quinoa. The flavour is intense, sweet , peppery, and leaves a tingle in your mouth.

Note/Correction * Monkfruit Sugar (candy & syrup) store in refrigerator up to 2 weeks 
*White Sugar (candy & syrup)  store at room temp. up to 1 month or longer

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  1. you basically destroyed these magics of nature into over-sugared poisons. I usually make with very little to no sugar with another recipe mode I make and add my own spice like cinnamon and honey coconut powder… I can't even buy candied gingers from supermarkets as it is 80 more sugar than ginger. too pity for this magic to be spoiled with so much of sugar. and usually in the morning… when I want to have a few pieces with my coffee I don't want to have a spike of sugar for no reason every day!

  2. I am so glad to did a video on making ginger. I buy candied ginger at my local health food store. I could absolutely eat the entire bag the minute I get it. My mother always had a jar of candied ginger in the house. I don't like eating all the sugar so I want to try the monk fruit. Hopefully I will love it just as much. Thank you Suzy 🤗🤗🤗