Canadian Maple Walnut Fudge – Keto Fudge, Sugar Free, Gluten Free | Keto Recipe


Written recipe:
If you love tasty fudge that is easy to make and has that homemade, old fashioned maple fudge flavour and texture, this keto Canadian Maple Walnut fudge is a must try recipe. This is like old fashioned fudge, but is sugar free, gluten free and uses my sugar free sweetened condensed milk or my dairy free sweetened condensed coconut milk, so is perfect for keto, low carb, grain free, gluten free, diabetic diets, Banting diets, and celiac diet needs. The sweetener alternative I use is Lakanto Gold, an Erythritol and monk fruit based sweetener. You can enjoy this keto, low carb, old fashioned tasting fudge as a smooth maple fudge or add crushed black or California walnuts to add crunch and texture. This Keto Low carb fudge is a delicious Canadian maple fudge recipe with excellent macronutrient ratios, so it is actually a fat bomb, doubling as a dessert. If you want a bit of variety, you could substitute the crushed walnuts with pecans, for a nice variation to this classic fudge recipe.
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  1. My Dad loves maple walnut anything. He’s 90 years old and has multiple health issues including T2D. He just came home after a month of hospitalization and rehab. I told him I was making him maple walnut fudge. He said oh no, that will make my sugar high. I said no worries dad, it’s sugar free. He had a piece on the ride home yesterday and loved it! I’ll be making it more often for him.
    How can I make a maple walnut ice cream?

  2. WAIT A MINUTE 🤚🏾. You mean to tell me this is what you all have been up to with this Keto Diet thing??? I think it’s time I go on a diet then ♥️ this is freaking awesome. I’m from upstate NY so we love maple walnut. I gotta try this now 😭😂😭😂


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