Can You Have Oatmeal When You Have Diabetes? DO'S And DON'TS


Can you have oatmeal when you have diabetes? That’s a really good question: no matter how healthy oats actually are, in some cases, you may still notice that they spike your blood sugar levels. But why? Let’s find out!

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Oats have a glycemic index score of 55 or lower when prepared with minimal processing, which makes them less likely to cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Half a cup of oats contains 52 grams of carbs, and I know that you may not like what you hear here since it’s a lot. However, it is important to consider that about 8 of these grams come in the form of fiber. And fiber has been shown to have significant blood-sugar-reducing properties.

Keep in mind that The American Diabetes Association notes that adults should eat at least 25–30 grams of fiber each day, but most people don’t even come close. And a serving of oatmeal adds 8 grams of fiber to the diet, making it much easier to reach dietary recommendations. Fiber-rich foods like oatmeal may also help keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

However, oatmeal can be made of different types of oats, and when it comes to blood sugar management, they are not all created equal. It’s really important what kind of oatmeal you choose. The best options are old-fashioned or steel-cut oats. They contain a higher amount of soluble fiber that slows digestion and helps better regulate blood sugar.

But what about those blood sugar spikes after eating oatmeal? Well, there’s a chance that it happens because you choose the wrong type of oats. What you really need to avoid is processed oats, instant oats, and cereal bars. These are highly processed, which means they are digested faster, and the blood sugar increases faster as well. Also, instant oatmeal often has added sugar and other ingredients, so it’s a great possibility that you’ll consume too much of them at one time.


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