CAMEROONIAN EGUSI OKRA SOUP // okra soup Cameroon // Cook With Me!


Egusi Okra Soup is such a treat with fufu, garri or whatever side dish you like! I wanted to make a really hearty pot of soup and this Cameroonian Egusi Okra Soup is so so good! Also, I show you how to make balls of egusi in the video. Hope you enjoy watching, friends! Here is a similar Egusi Okra Soup recipe (this version doesn’t include palm oil): You can use the measurements in the recipe I have linked above. For this video, I just wanted to invite you into my kitchen as I cook for my family. So no measurements but it’s very similar to my okra egusi recipe. Just add palm oil! SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL: IMPORTANT INGREDIENTS USED IN THIS VIDEO (affiliate) – Crayfish: – Red Palm Oil: – Egusi: FOLLOW ME Blog: Facebook page: Instagram: Pinterest: Twitter: #okrasoup #egusiokrasoup #africanfood .





  1. can you make with any type of meat? like tenderloin and in my country it’s called mondogo soup we add that pork intestines cut up and vegetables corn potatoes carrots green bell pepper onion garlic some people like celery i don’t personally like celery
    we all have almost same foods in our country’s we have our own seasonings things we add we portoriquens are some parts african heritage in us

  2. Hi Precious
    Beautiful video… It makes me remember my growing up as a kid. Currently married to a nigerian and although we have similar dishes, there are some special Cameroon dishes that just brings memories.
    I will eat mine with potato flakes mixed with plantain flour. Try this combo and you will enjoy it.

  3. Oh my God… am going to make it for my in-laws 😍 But with just one maggi. In Côte d’Ivoire we don’t use much maggi nowadays oh lol population is quitting seasoning cubes for natural flavouring stuffs only. I admit I am also like « eh aunty 🙆🏾‍♀️ » when you put all these maggis lool if I do it at home the kind of comments I will get eh 😂😂😂 . Thank you for the recipe Aunty Precious.