Caldo De Res Mexicano | Mexican Beef and Vegetable Soup Recipe


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  1. If you don't want soggy vegetables, you have to add them in a certain order.
    Cabbage and corn first, wait about 10 mins.
    Add potatoes, onions, serrano chiles, carrots, wait about 7 mins.
    Add calabazas, cilantro and tomato wedges last, wait until the calabazas are just tender enough (about another 7 minutes). Check on your potatoes and carrots at this point too.
    In that order, all the veggies should be cooked well, but not soggy.

  2. This reminds me of an old bread recipe were it was passed generation to generation to cut off an 8th of the dough. It became such a part of the recipe that when researched it turned out great grandma had a small wood stove and it couldn't fit the full loaf. Lol

  3. Thank goodness someone still hands down family recipes and traditions. My wife and I didn't have kids. I was ending the alcoholic gene in my family tree. Other family members did. Nobody took the time or made the effort to do what you just showed us. Nobody!
    The truth is this. We're lazy slovenly,spoiled,entitled, white people. Tradition and family are secondary to money and entitlement. Hispanic people have always had stronger traditions and family bonds. The truth cuts deep my indifferent entitled spoiled white friends.