Cajun Fried Fish – Low Carb Keto Seafood Fish Fry Recipe


Today I present a Cajun fish fry. This fried fish recipe is loaded with flavor, but not carbs. If you’ve been craving fried seafood on your low carb or keto diet, this recipe will definitely fill the bill. You can even use this recipe as a base for any low carb fish taco recipe.
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4 fish fillets
*Cajun seasoning on both sides (see below for recipe)
2 Tbs – yellow mustard
Oil for frying (I use peanut oil, but any oil you prefer will work fine)

Breading Ingredients:
3/4 cup – almond flour
3/4 cup – ground pork rinds
1 Tbs – *Cajun seasoning (see below for recipe)

*Cajun Seasoning Ingredients:
1 Tbs – smoked paprika
2 1/2 tsp – salt
1 1/2 tsp – ground black pepper
1 tsp – cayenne pepper
1 tsp – garlic powder
1 tsp – onion powder
1/2 tsp – dried thyme
1/2 tsp – dried oregano

If you don’t want to make your own Cajun seasoning, I recommend either of these…
Paul Prudhomme’s Seafood Magic
Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning

Per serving (1 fillet):
509 calories / 41g fat / 1.5g net carbs / 33g protein

Serving suggestions:
Lemon wedges
Papa G’s Tartar Sauce


All nutrition information provided is approximate. Please read and use your own labels for more precise information.

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  1. Keto from the Ville Platte & I will keep it in english. Shame for giving away the Cajun fish secret.
    Seriously, I use 1/2 the Almond flour & instead add unflavored Protein powder. Adds to the crisp & tried it 1st with shrimp.
    Also try Slap ya Mama no salt for seasoning. Made in the Ville Platte.

  2. I had awesome Lake Erie Perch, fresh caught. I coated them in egg, and rolled them in flaxseed meal with cajun (all out of almond flour). Fried in avacado oil! (No mustard on these filets as they have a skin side-maybe on some other white fish filets). It was deeeeeelicios! Thanks for the recipe guide.

  3. Two thumbs up, Mr. G!!!! My Wife watched and followed your instructions to the tee, and your recipe passed my taste test with flying colors…..delicious!!! You have saved my life as well as my diet!!! I was on the verge of quitting my low carb diet, when my Wife found this video and your channel…..needless to say, we both became new subscribers, but more importantly, we became believers!!! We can now actually enjoy a low carb diet…..excuse me….I can now actually say, we can enjoy a low carb lifestyle, and truly mean it!!! I can't wait to try more of your recipes….Mr. Papa G, you are a life saver!!!!

  4. This was so good! I used spicy brown mustard because that was all I had and fried it in my air fryer. It was delicious! I haven't had catfish since I was on a trip to Mississippi when I was 11 years old. I rarely see it in my area. But it was on sale at my local grocery store here in the Pacific Northwest and I remembered how much I loved it when I was a kid. I'm so glad I found your recipe, because I had no idea how to make it. The lemon water soak really removed any fishy taste.

  5. I made this Papa G! It's crazy how the yellow mustard along with the cajun spice (I used your home made cajun spice recipe too) turned the flavor of the filet into gourmet divine! I never thought I would use yellow mustard for anything other than a hot dog. Thank you for sharing this secret. I will never snub yellow mustard again, lol. My husband was so impressed so I made again 2 nights in a row. I am a happy new subscriber! P.S. Thank you for the tips to the other viewers about chilling the breaded fish before frying. It works!