Cabbage & Sausage Soup | Polish cooking


#cabbagesausagesoup #poland #cooking #cookies Today, I’m taking a few humble ingredients and I’m turning them into a delicious and hearty soup: Cabbage and sausage soup. Please watch, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Link to SOUP recipe: Link to mini COOKBOOK on Amazon: Link to apron/t-shirt/MERCH STORE: To support me via Paypal: Link to Facebook: Link to Instagram: Link to mini cookbook on Amazon: Want to sponsor a video? Email me at [email protected] To see more videos, please subscribe. New recipe video posted every Monday plus BONUS videos on random basis. Below is a list of tools and my favorite things I use in my kitchen. The links listed are affiliate links, this means that if you choose to buy something, I will get a few cents from that sale. This doesn’t affect the price of the item, just lets me generate a bit of income for providing you free content on my blog /, and this channel. I only list items that I use /or used/, know, love and feel confident in recommending them to you. Thank you for your support. Lodge cast iron pot / Dutch oven with lid: KitchenAid: Pasta roller: KitchenAid sausage attachment: Bundt cake pan: Food processor: Measuring cups: Measuring spoons: Silicone spatulas: Pierogi cutter: Egg slicer examples: or or I have not used this particular brand SAUSAGE STUFFER but it looks exactly like the one I have, so I can recommend the design (quality, however, I cannot guarantee): Food items I recommend: Wild mushrooms: Natural Casings: OTHER WAYS TO SUPPORT ME AND MY CHANNEL: You may also choose to support my blog and my channel by donating a few bucks via PayPal at Your support is greatly appreciated and me to create more recipes, more photography and more videos for your allowing to enjoy. Thank you kindly. Content I provide on my blog and YouTube channel is free and will always be free. Financial support is not required to enjoy it. Other ways to support me: 1. Watch my videos /all the way through/ and hit the LIKE button under each video. 2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. 3. Subscribe to my blog @ – just type your email address into SUBSCRIBE line. Edited by Gosia Wawer.





  1. When I make soup or stew, I usually let it cook for hours. But your idea of just cooking a short time, to keep the crunchiness of the vegetables, sounds like a good idea, I'll test that! Maybe a little vinegar in the soup, for added freshness? And maybe a little smetana/sour cream on top, when served? The recipe seems a bit like the pirate code, of Pirates of the Caribbean – "well, they are actually more like guidelines…"

  2. Great timing! I ended up with 3 turkeys which I sectioned and de-boned. I only needed a rolled breast and a trussed thigh for Christmas, and I froze a few select parts and ground the rest of the meat (bones I made into wonderful bone broth – 7 quarts and 7 pints in all). Luckily, you have several sausage recipes on your website, so I tried 3 of them (not that fond of the paprika version). I added the smoked bacon to 2 of my batches and also used smoked turkey thigh although I thought that was a little too lean. I roasted some of each in one pound foil loaf pans and pressure canned the rest. Needless to say, I have a LOT of polish sausage on hand, so love this recipe. I have a little bit of sauerkraut left and will definitely use that. I think you did an earlier soup recipe with the sauerkraut. I also have some fermented cauliflower, so may try that in place of the sauerkraut. The juice from the ferment alone will add something special to the broth I think. So, any more recipes for polish sausage? Stews? Fillings? Anything?

  3. I make this with all these ingredients except I add 4-5 cloves of garlic. I make it when someone wants to lose a few pounds or someone has a cold etc.. Very hearty, very delicious. Polish food=comfort food IMO. Thanks. Eat tons of it guilt free! 💗👍

  4. One of my favorites!! Like you said, a recipe is just a guideline, make whatever adjustments you want.
    I typically use chicken broth and potatoes. I also add a little caraway for a little extra something, something! Soup is good soul food!!
    Take care!! Be well!!

  5. That Looks So Good,Until This Channel I never thought I'd eat homemade polish food since my grandmother's Passing so I Thank you For Bringing back some Great Memories..They dont seem to have many polish Restaurants…So thank you for these Recipes to come too..Will be trying this.🌹🙏🙏

  6. Happy New Year to you both. It's been a while. We had a lot going on. Enjoyed video. Soup looks delicious. It's definitely something my husband can eat minus the carrots with his new diet. Wishing you good health, happiness, peace and prosperity for the new year. God bless. From the Poconos.🥰🥰🥰

  7. What a great first of the year soup! Happy New Year. In Illinois we had our first snow fall and we are in negative degrees. This soup will be a great warm me up. Love the idea of adding sauerkraut. My Polish Christmas Wild Mushroom Soup was delicious. The water you soak the mushrooms in is divine. A description cannot explain the aroma. I bet this soup will be right up there in rank. JANUARY IS FOR SAVORING. Big Joy and Peace