Budget Vegan Meals (That Are Still Delicious) | What I Eat in a Day


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Welcome to another vegan what I eat in a day video! This week, we’re making some cheap, budget-friendly vegan meals. We hope these easy vegan meal ideas inspire you. 🥰

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0:00 intro
0:54 crispy air-fried potatoes for vegan breakfast tacos
1:35 tofu scramble for breakfast tacos
2:17 assembling our easy, high-protein vegan breakfast
3:06 a word from our sponsor, Cometeer
4:11 homemade vegan pita bread
5:53 homemade pita croutons
6:14 making our quick, easy lunch salad
7:18 vegan eggplant with garlic sauce
8:40 how to make vegan garlic sauce
9:31 assembling our steamed eggplant with vegan brown sauce
10:06 wacky cake / Depression cake
10:30 topping our vegan cake with vegan chocolate frosting
10:51 outro

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  1. I definitely plan to try these recipes soon for my meal preps! I also love eggplant and want to find more ways to prepare it other than eggplant parmesean. I know you love Indian food too, so you may want to try making Punjabi Eggplant (Baingan Bharta). I bought some in a pouch and ate it with some Jasmine rice, and it was delcious! There are several recipes for it I think you could tweek. You may also want to try Greek Eggplant Dip (Melitzanosalata). In Louisville Kentucky we have a place called Eat a Pita that has vegan options, and they used to have a large pita with that eggplant dip with all types of veggies, mushrooms and vegan tzatziki sauce. I hope experiment with these recipes on your channel!!

  2. Baba ghanoush is delicious. It’s like chick pea hummus, but uses eggplant. I don’t have a recipe, but if you search for Refika’s Kitchen on YouTube, she has several eggplant recipes. I love eggplant, too. 🍆
    Also, you can make your own mushroom powder by grinding dried mushrooms. 🍄😊

  3. This eggplant recipe looks delicious! I’m going out to my local Asian market to pick up the ingredients to make it for dinner tonight. I just transcribed the recipe from your video (estimated the measurements since I couldn’t find it on your recipe blog). If this recipe is on your blog, would you mind linking it please?

  4. I'm a little late but a few eggplant dishes i really like are yu xiang qie Zi from china, baingan bharta from india, gaji namul from korea and moussaka from basically all over the middle east. Not all of them are vegan by default, but very easy to veganize.

  5. I also love red Thai curry with cooked carrots, eggplant, red Thai curry paste, coconut milk (canned), garlic, onions. I cook tofu cubes separately in the oven. When the curry is done I remove from the heat, I add some soy sauce, fresh lime juice, and some hot sauce to taste.

  6. I love to make eggplant and pesto sandwiches. I just slice eggplant into 1/4 slices the long way and cook it on each side (preferably on a ridged cast iron, but not necessary (on a grill would be great too). Then I toast some bread, add some vegan cheese slices (chao or violife are my favorite), slice a tomato, add a couple tablespoons of pesto (I do basil, walnut, olive oil, salt, and garlic pesto), and eat it. I love it, especially when my garden is prime eggplant, tomato, and basil season.

    My parents also grill eggplant, baste with olive oil (with Italian slices and minced garlic) on one side face down on the grill for 5-7 minutes until it starts to show some crispy bits and is rigid enough to flip. Another high heat oil may be better, make a sauce out of canned tomatoes fresh garlic, Italian seasoning, scallions, fresh basil. Add more olive oil and the tomato mixture to that to the new side, add vegan cheese (they do fresh mozz, some times I do a cashew garlic and nooch based parm & cook that side until the cheese is melted and the bottom is crispy. I top with more fresh basil. Side note: they use a charcoal grill and place the eggplant long side going with the grill marks for easier flipping.

  7. I’m not sure if you’re willing, but a video explaining why you’re moving around the country and why you’re choosing the locations you’re choosing would be so interesting! I’d love to hear about all the adventures you’ve been having and what you’ve learned from living in different states.

  8. So next time use Chinese Eggplant. Will be skinner. If you ever come to SoCal you have to eat at one of the 3 Panda Inn restaurants…. Not express… Same company but Big difference. Nothing frozen and everything made from scratch and you get chocolate dipped fortune cookies with your check 🙂 Anyways their Tofu and Spicy Eggplant – (Chinese eggplant with fried silken tofu in a spicy garlic sauce) is 🤤🤤🤤. But lookup any Thai recipe called Spicy Tofu Basil Eggplant. And don't forget the Mango Sticky rice for dessert!