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🌱 00:55 Sweet & sour stirfry:
🌱 05:04 Sun-dried tomato tart:
🌱 09:22 Green curry:

» Cutting board:
» Blender:
» Cast iron pot:   
» Food processor:
» Hand blender:  (similar to this)
» Mini spice jars: 
» Measuring cups:
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» Garlic crusher:
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» Mason jars:

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❤ Sadia





  1. Hi Sadia 🧡
    I was wondering if you have some tips for me…
    I am a teenager and I’m not really overweight, but I do want to tone up a bit. I’m 173cm and weigh 62kg. I love finding out more about the way our bodies work, and by this time I have done so much research that I really feel like I understand what is good for it.
    For the past 8 months I’ve been quite consistent with exercising. I also don’t eat that unhealthy, but I do struggle a bit to find balance. Most of the time, I enjoy making myself good, healthy, nourishing meals, but every now and then I find myself craving something sweet. I know that anything is okay to eat in moderation, but even though, I feel bad for letting myself have a cookie and then just want more in order to make myself feel better and then I just end up feeling even worse than before. Maybe I’m restricting myself too much and that could be why? But I find that if I do let myself have something sweet more often it really does slow my progress. I’ve realized several times that my body really doesn’t respond well to sugar. I have tried making myself some healthier alternatives for sweet treats, but sometimes I just want to have ice cream with my family.
    I also want to get a healthier mind set, not labeling food as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ I’ve also been counting calories for the last few months and I don’t know how to stop without having it stressing me out.

    So I think my point here is that I’m struggling to find balance.😂
    Do you have any tips?

  2. Guys!!! These recipes look like to die for. The presentation and imagery gets not a 100 but a 1000. From the moment i discovered ur channel couple of weeks ago u became my number one channel. All areas like quality of content, video/audio quality, stunning cinematography, amazing taste in background music, down to earth Authentic talk, useful info and not complicated and good for ur health. There’s more but so far this channel is perfection. Don’t change a thing. Don’t mess it up. It’s perfect now.


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