BUDGET MEAL PREP | healthy recipes under $3 (using high-quality ingredients)


Yes, you can meal prep healthy food even if you’re on a budget! I’ll show you how to meal prep 11 individual ingredients and turn those into 7 nutrient-dense, quick-assembly meals throughout the week. This is my tried-and-true method for getting healthy food on the table fast – and you can save money!

Unlike most budget meal prep videos that (let’s be honest) use cheap quality ingredients, I don’t sacrifice quality in this video. All of my ingredients are high-quality and/or organic ingredients. But if you opt to not use organic ingredients, the total price of your meals will be even less!

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00:00 How to meal prep intro

00:57 Roasted sweet potato
01:48 Roasted broccoli
02:47 Cassava flour crepes
06:37 Mashed sweet potato
07:09 Roasted chickpeas
08:25 Strawberry chia seed jam
09:02 Hard boiled eggs
11:09 Tuna salad
12:23 Pickled red onions
13:14 Balsamic vinaigrette
13:43 Maple mustard tahini dressing

14:24 Strawberry crepes
15:49 Tuna salad wrap
16:34 Roasted red pepper chickpea salad
17:13 Chickpea stuffed sweet potato
17:54 Mashed sweet potato bowl
18:30 Seasoned hard boiled egg
18:45 Tuna salad bento box

19:14 Cook cover reveal and preorder announcement

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  1. EEEK – I can't wait to hear what you guys think of this new meal prep video AND my new cookbook!! 🎉 And btw, I'm just over here having a little dance party in my kitchen this morning to celebrate my cookbook is finally available for preorder!! 🎉💃 xo – Lisa

  2. As a person that can't handle oxalates. I get it parents want to get their kids to eat their veggies. But that can be a very detrimental thing to your child. Not all of us are the same. But only 5% of us make kidney stones the other 95% of us make oxalate shards within our muscle fascia organs eyes skin and more. I would be careful on the high oxalates that you feed to your children.

  3. Dear Lisa, this video is tremendously fabulous. I enjoyed every seconds of it. I was never a big fan of sweet potatoes, except fried sweet potatoes, and I keep a lot of tuna cans in my cupboard, which will now be useful with your recipe. I will definitely pre-order your cook book. I also coul not help but notice your fine stone-like plate from Villeroy & Boch. I have some of them too. It makes my dish look classy. Thank you again Lisa

  4. Thank you for the ideas. Can’t wait for the book to arrive. Will try this meal
    Prep this week and let you know how it turned out. I can’t believe it has been two year since you announced the making of your book. Congratulations once again and good luck with the boom. I know I will enjoy it.

  5. Phenomenal looking dishes. Definitely going to do this one. You used ingredients that I absolutely love. Also that chickpea salad looked delish. Can’t wait!
    Please, please, PLEASE, do more meal prep videos with illustrations on how to put meals together using the ingredients (like this video). I love your channel and your meal prep videos are my fave from everyone else on YouTube. You keep health in mind always.
    Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Outstanding meal prep. I just LOVE your inspiring meal preps. THANK YOU! It is truly necessary to do some weekly preps when you are committed to a healthy diet. Eliminating gluten really demands planning. I find that when I get too tired, too rushed, or have a fridge full of healthy food — but it all still needs to be washed, cut up and prepared — it is too tempting to grab something less desirable and satisfying. Advance prepping is essential to stay the course especially when you have food sensitivities and gluten intolerance. It is a joy to open the fridge and see all those choices neatly organized and ready to go. 🙏❤️