BTS Reaction Chicken Noodle Soup OT7


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  1. Def agree with jimins rap.. he crushed it… and jungkook singing Becky’s part so high hitting that melody so perfectly … ugh so good… and of course hobi… this man is seriously god tier performances all day everyday… he’s UNREAL…. They all killed it though 100% but these were my faves … 3J supremacy… but the whole group and all the dancers… hell yes chicken noodle soup!!!!!!! 💜 fire from sowoozoo, tropical dynamite sowoozoo, not today sowoozoo and idol sowoozoo were my favorites other than the ot7 chicken noodle soup and ot7 daechwita !!!

    AND Dis-ease bc the absolute ICONIC live bridge from the vocalists is insane and the live rap parts crystal clear and with as much swag as humanly possible lol
    As much as I LOVE be some Tae Tae but I think he just tries to do way too much when he raps… like he approaches rap the same way as he approaches vocal parts and the very exaggerated vibe with how he expresses so much and the stare, the seductive facials and everything it just works really well with vocals bc of the nature of the actual vocal parts… but that type of approach with rap just takes a lot out of it bc he is being exaggerated in an aggressive way like he’s got a f*ck you energy but a lot about the rappers cadences and flows are the major focus and not doing too much is a huge part of rap…. Of course there’s gestures, aggressive vibes and delivery… but he exaggerates every word and line which comes off a little too try hard…. Like in ddaeng also I know people love it … but the song is swaggy and mellow bc they’re the top and that’s all there is to it… his forcing if the aggression into it is like the opposite of the vibe of the song. I wish he would trust himself and just get loose and have fun with it… bc I think he would absolutely crush it. Jks raps from the vocal line hit different bc he sits in the pocket and delivers the words with the vibe and energy in mind… would be cool to see Tae do some maybe more melodic rapping until he doesn’t do the most with it… I think it could be unique and different for him and would love to see it .

  2. Hi, i am back. Good reaction, ty. This one was fun. They slayed! I was shocked watching this online during Festa. They cut out Jimin's part doing Becky G.'s choreo. How sad. Jimin actually did a song with Suga called Tony Montana. Pls check it out. U will be shoock! =0] Hugs. Love u too. #YouAreEnough –NY USA Army💜

  3. They had so much fun doing this live and how JK looks so good dancing in such weird skeleton patchwork outfit (that costs more than a down payment on a car) is a BTS mystery. JHope paying the original artist 2.7M for the rights remains iconic classy move.

  4. Well, I for one am looking to your dance of Chicken Noodle Soup. It does not have to be perfect, we will still enjoy it, may we laugh a little 😂😵‍💫🙀😳 🥰just kidding. You should show him the original song then JHope’s version, since he said he never heard it before. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜♥️

  5. In my opinion the best Jimin-rapping is from Agust D’s “Tony Montana” live. The original track features Yankie and does not have Jimin. But in this live version Suga includes Jimin. It’s fire! You should check out the original track, and then check out the live version.