Broad Bean & Cucumber Soup with Rasta Mokko!


🔥Check out Moringa Soup done BALI STYLE! 🔥 Broad up yourself, Broader than Broadway! Bubble we a bubble, looking for no trouble ….. Making some nice Broad Bean aka Fava Bean soup! Perfect for cold nights;) We have some otaheite apple mishaps, set up a hit contract to get rid of a loud rooster, see a huge beetle, discuss the benefits of owls, sample some moringa seeds, learn why you need to cover your pot , and sample this wild tasting broad bean with cucumber, coco, cho cho, carrot & coconut soup! bless up, Matthew & Mokko PS full subtitle coming tonight, hit CC to turn them on ★ SUPPORT ★ ★ CONNECT ★ Ras Kitchen Instagram & Facebook ★ VISIT RASTA MOKKO ★ ★ Music ★ info coming soon Intro Outro song by Marc Guttamouth Robbie Melody-Bag of Dub Sarah the Illstrumentalist-Lyra (Epidemic Sound) K the Chief-Calculated Justnormal- When Time’s Been Bad (Epidemic Sound) BriZion- HErbal Healing Martius Ali- When the Sun Sets Some Music from EPIDEMIC SOUND! FREE MONTH HERE: CHAPTERS 00:00 Intro 00:20 Otaheite Apple fail 01:14 Bean time 02:22 Pumpkin time 04:57 Rooster contract 08:30 Bad Bug 12:05 Moringa 10:10 No Owls allowed 12:37 Boat Land.