Breakfast Alternative – 3 Minute Keto Oatmeal Recipe


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  1. Hey Thomas…UMMM… great recipe and VERY healthy… BUT… I think this is a fine example of eating 'healthy' vs eating right.. If you were to make this dish as described, the calories are going to be in the area of 1000 cal. Although I wouldn't advocate to most on 'obsessing' over calories consumed but if you're presently 'eating healthy' but not having any consideration to consumption, then you might want to proceed with caution on a small dish of oatmeal that adds up to this much food energy; regardless of how healthy it may be.

  2. Great video for a alternative to oatmeal. While on keto and have achieved your goal weight would it be okay to eat regular oatmeal from time to time? With that being said, is there something wrong with oatmeal overall provided you use a substitute sweetener?

    I am a huge fan of your videos and they have changed my eating habits


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