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Watch the full interview with my lit agent:

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Get a book published? Tell your story to more than you diary? This was the secret dream I had when Charlie asked me “Do you want to write a book?” This week on Are You Ready, I sat down with my lit agent, Charlie Brotherstone, and asked him all the questions that many would-be authors are curious about:

How do I get noticed by a lit agent?
What goes into the perfect book proposal?
What kind of offer can a first time author expect?

But more important than all of that has been Charlie’s partnership. He’s been a mentor, protector, and even a therapist, at times, and through it all, my Agent.
For this toast,

2 pieces of good bread
2 tbsp EVOO
3 cloves garlic, minced
4 cups chopped leafy greens (I used kale and dandelion)
1 tbsp doenjang
1 cup lupino beans
4 cups vegetable broth
lemon zest
black pepper

I toasted up some really good bread and then braised some greens (kale and dandelion) with garlic, doenjang, lupini beans, and vegetable broth for about 40 minutes. I finished the braised greens with a bit of lemon zest at the very end, before scooping some over my toast with a zap of black pepper and a little EVOO. It was PERFECT with an icy cold beverage and my book (Being & Nothingness).

Joanne Lee Molinaro is a Korean American trial lawyer, New York Times best-selling author, James Beard Award-winner, and host of the Are You Ready podcast. With nearly 5 million fans spread across her social media platforms, Joanne has appeared on The Food Network, CBS Saturday Morning, ABC’s Live with Kelly and Ryan, The Today Show, PBS, and The Rich Roll Podcast. She’s been featured in the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, NPR, and CNN; and her debut cookbook was selected as one of “The Best Cookbooks of 2021” by The New York Times and The New Yorker among others.

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  1. This is seriously me right now 😭. Ive never been opposed to meeting people, but it just so happened that the ones I opened up to were extremely narcissistic and toxic and would literally say personal things I'd told them to people I'd never met before and then wonder why I didn't trust them. It does get lonely sometimes having no friends as you don't have someone you can just speak to whenever you want, but it's 1000× better than being used by people who don't actually care.

    TLDR: Toxic people ain't worth you time and it's better to have no friend than fake friends.

  2. I'm sorry, I got so derailed from the point of the video when I heard Jean Valjean described as not only brave, but funny. Which had me struggling to remember where in Les Mis he'd been funny, but then I had it.

    Valjean spends decades in the story displaying near-superhuman compassion for decades, directed toward most every character in the book, including his obsessive policeman pursuer Javert. He gets the chance to murder Javert and end the chase that's governed his life, and instead chooses to let him live another day, which more or less breaks Javert's brain. Javert decides he can't live with the conflict of Valjean being a moral person and also a criminal, and ends up jumping off a bridge. And, again, after pretty much a lifetime of Valjean intentionally prioritizing empathy and compassion and care for his fellow man, Valjean reads of Javert's fate in the newspaper, and instead of feeling sad or wondering why Javert did it or reflecting on their long-standing relationship or any of the things you might expect, he says something remarkable close to "Huh. I guess he was crazy after all."


    …well, I thought it was pretty funny. in a savage sort of way.