Braised Beef Soup Recipe


Niu (牛) is beef. Pahu (扒烀) means braised until tender in Yunnan dialect. This is a Yunnan-style braised beef soup. Yunnan is a special province, it has the largest number of ethnic minorities so there are lots of different cultures here. It borders Myanmar, Vietnam, and Laos; It is connected with Thailand and Cambodia through the Lancang Mekong River. With lots of catering collisions, Yunnan developed a complex, tropical, and interesting cuisine. 🥢BUY MY CLAY POT – (Use “claypot20” for a 20% discount) 🥢BUY MY CHOPSTICKS – (Launch Special!! Use “15soupedup” to get 15% discount) 🥢BUY MY CARBON STEEL WOK – 🥢BUY THE YELLOW CAT MINI GARLIC CHOPPER – 🥢OTHER FEATURED PRODUCTS THAT I USE – 🥢MY AMAZON INFLUENCER/AFFILIATE PAGE – (I share ingredients here) 🥢SUPPORT ME ON PATREON – 🥢PRINTABLE RECIPE – INGREDIENTS To make beef soup 2 kg of toughbe cuts of beef honey cone trips, beef tendon, beef ribs, beef meat, beef bones) 2-3 liters of water 2 inches of ginger, sliced ​​thinly 2 scallions, cut into stocks 1 cinnamon stick (Amazon Link – 1 star anise (Amazon Link – 4) bay leaves (Amazon Link – 2 tsp of white peppercorns (Amazon Link – To complete the soup 10-15 cloves of garlic, diced 1 inch of minced ginger, diced 2 scallion, diced 2 shallot, diced 5-8 Thai bird-eye chili) , diced 2 stalks of celery, diced 1/3 cups of diced mint leaves 5-6 culantro leaves, diced 6-8 cilantro leaves, diced Lime juice from 2-3 limes, taste and adjust 2 tsp of Sichuan peppercorn powder (Amazon Link – 1 tbsp of salt or to taste INSTRUCTIONS Fill a big pot with water and add the beef. Bring it to a boil. Skim off the scum. Any tough beef cuts will work good for this recipe. Do your best to collect multiple cuts of beef so you can have different textures and flavors in one pot. Put the following aromatics and spices into a spicy bag: ginger slices, scallion stalks, cinnamon stick, star anise, bay leaves, and white peppercorns. Transfer the beef into a clean pot then add 2-3 liters of water. Add the spice bag. Bring it to a boil. Simmer on low heat for 1.5 hours. Finely dice the garlic, ginger, scallion, shallot celery, Thai bird-eye chili, mint culantro, and cilantro. Squeeze the juice from a few large-size limes. If you can not collect all these herbs, it is ok to use other kinds of herbs you like. Remove all the beef from the pot and leave the broth behind. Discard the bones and the spice bag. Cut the beef into bite-size pieces. Put the beef meat back into the clay pot. Bring it to a boil again. Add all the herbs along with the Sichuan peppercorn powder and salt to taste. Add the lime juice gradually and taste to adjust the flavor. Videography / Editing by Austin Schargorodski – .





  1. Mandy, this looks so fresh and tasty. Have you ever heard of anyone making the exact soup boiling a whole chicken instead of the beef? It may not be traditional, but when I look at the other ingredients, it seems they would all work well with chicken. I could be wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. *People in my House*, wouldn't eat the Tripe and they're pretty picky about Beef being COMPLETELY without fat in soup too, so I'll remove what they don't like AFTER it's been cooked and rendered in the Broth, then I'll add the Spices and Herbs. I thought when I was watching this…yummy, I could add Noodles or even better, I have some Won Tons in the freezer from another one of Mandy's Recipes I've made…