Spicy salad recipes for a hundred people
An onion for two, a pepper, a medium tomato half a cucumber
Other ingredients parsley tomato paste and pepper paste lemon juice pomegranate pepper pepper black pepper garlic olive oil
Thinly chopped onion with blender and keep in salt water

Change the water in the salted water
Add the onions to the strainer and wash with plenty of water.
Add the onions in a container without water

Tomatoes blender with very fine chop and water
Add the filtered water to the chopped cucumber with a blender
Chop and add the bitter green peppers with a blender
Add bitter flake pepper and add bitter pepper
Add pomegranate juice
Add plenty of hot peppercorn and tomato paste in a large amount and add some salt
Finely chop and add parsley
Add plenty of lemon juice, use real lemon juice
Mix well and keep it for five days in the cupboard


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