Best Minestrone Soup – Hindi Recipe – Italian vegetable and pasta soup – मिनिस्ट्रोने सूप


Please check out my Minestrone soup video recipe. In this video I have explained how to make best Minestrone soup. Minestrone soup can be served for lunch or dinner. This recipe of Minestrone soup is a vegetarian recipe. Minestrone soup is a Italian soup. Minestrone soup is made of Vegetables and Pasta.If you do not have pasta, you may add Maggi and and you will not regret. It would be your best Maggi recipe. Minestrone soup is very healthy. Please do try and like my Minestrone soup recipe.
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3 medium size fresh tomatoes
4 garlic cloves
3 spoon macaroni pasta
1 spoon chooped celery
1 spoon chopped Zucchini
11/2 spoon carrot
1 spoon chopped French beans
2 spoon sweet corn
1/8 spoon Italian sesaoning or dried oregano
1/2 spoon sugar
Pinch of crushed black pepper
4-5 basil leaves
Salt as per taste

Take 3 medium size fresh tomatoes
Remove stem and cut into halves
Add four garlic cloves
Add half glass water
Boil tomatoes and make puree
Take 3 spoon Macaroni Pasta
Add 200ml water
Add salt
Boil Macaroni Pasta to 80%
Take one vessel add one spoon olive oil
Add one spoon chopped celery
Add one spoon chopped Zucchini
Add one and half spoon carrot
Add one spoon chopped French beans
Add two spoon sweet corn
Saute all vegetables
Add tomato puree
Add water according to consistency of your choice
Add boiled macaroni pasta
Add Italian seasoning or oregano
Add 1/2 spoon sugar
Add crushed black pepper
Add salt
Add 4-5 basil leaves
Mix everythihng nicely
Do not overcook vegetables
Cook until soup starts boiling
Minestrone soup is ready to serve
Enjoy Minestrone soup with garlic bread






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