Best Keto Tortilla EVER – "Pan Head" Dough – Lupin Flour – 1g net carbs


I don’t throw around the term “best” very often, but this tortilla is honestly the best keto tortilla I’ve ever tasted.

Ever since making my “dirty keto” corn tortilla recipe several months ago, I’ve been on a mission to make a tortilla that is quicker, easier, and less expensive to make. It took a while, but after a bit of inspiration from Vernaz and her YouTube channel, I found that paneer (Indian cheese) was the magic ingredient.

I use a variation of this dough (which I have named “Pan Head” for “paneer” and “Fat Head”) in my highly customize-able keto cracker recipe. I foresee a lot of keto people using this going forward.

Vernaz’s video:

Printable recipe with macros:

Tools and ingredients used in this video:
10″ tortilla press:
10″ parchment rounds:
Cast iron skillet:
Cooling rack:
Bench scraper:
Desiccant packets:
Hemp hearts:
Lupin flour:
Psyllium husk powder:
Xanthan gum:

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  1. Hey there again, my first attempt at these turned out miserable. I was floundering with one pan, a mixing bowl, etc. I went ahead and bought your suggested equipment from your links and boy!!! was the second time a charm. I swapped out my 8" for a 10" and that made all the difference for size, I think. I had the assembly line going and the finished product looks yummy. Made the taco meat with seasoning, a habanero salsa and hot spicy guacamole. Can't wait to try this on the tortillas. Thanks so much for your effort.

  2. 1st time a failure. Hate that I wasted 100 g of paneer. But, will make another attempt. I didn't have hemp hearts (substituted flax seed), but will purchase some prior to my second attempt. Dough seemed firm enough, but just 1 press on the tortilla press and it ended up a paste and not anything that could be transferred. Most likely too much liquid though i didn't use all required for the 1/2 recipe i was making. Will be diligent to add only enough water/lard mixture to bring the dough together. Wish me luck! BTW, they smelled amazing with the taco seasoning added. I enjoy your recipes and videos. A lot of thought and hard work goes into the content you provide.

  3. Soooo… I finally made these and they were amazing! I paired them with's Pork Carne Asada, using some pulled pork a friend had made. I used cotija cheese (which is hard to find in a lot of areas) and doubled the recipe but they were a dream to work with and the family demolished them. Thanks, Steve

  4. Stumbled into your channel, and I am so glad I did! I have been on keto for a few years now, but since my family doesn’t share my commitment, I cook for them and not for me. Mostly I just eat simple things. Or if i made smth for them i will eat a part of it, like chicken curry but instead of rise I will do cauliflower, or tacles in lettuce leaves . Same with a burger (although I found some keto buns at Fred
    Ever the other week and super excited to try) I try to look for ways to do keto in a way that is natural (steak and grilled veg), so we can all eat the same things occasionally . I guess I am not that ambitious about looking for recipes and trying to make smth just for myself. But…. watching your videos makes want to whip up some keto specific meals. Def buying the tortilla press. And paneer… a bit expensive. I make my own ricotta, and I think the method is basically the same, you just need a press and drain it for way longer. Thanks!!
    Btw, I’m case you haven’t done it yet, how about comparing some keto hamburger buns as a video idea? πŸ˜€

  5. hey man, love ur videos, please if u can reply me here that would really really help out, i live in KSA and couldn't find Lupin flour, is it optional or its a must with this bread? i don't wanna try on my own because it will be waste of money and ingredients. i hope i icould get an answer really, thanks

  6. I have been looking forward to trying this recipe. The only variation was to use queso fresco, I cut the water to 1/2 cup. Everything looked right. I could not get it off the parchment paper! I thought about it. I have an electric tortilla press, lets try that. I put the dough directly on it, pressed them and they came out perfect. Just thought I would throw that out there for others who were similarly challenged. Definitely will make again. I have had that press forever gathering dust. Glad I kept it!

  7. Just get a large produce bag , cut into two pieces or cut open the sides but leave the bottom side untouched. Get your self a 10 or 12 in clear glass plate . Take your dough and place in between the plastics , garb your plate and press , stop when you think it's the size you need.

  8. keep up the great work!! who cares if keto is clean or dirty. as a diabetic, i limit myself to no more than 20 carbs per day, with most less than 15, an some 10 or less. regardless of ones opinion, my a1c is jus 5.0 whilst only taking metformin. clean or not, eliminating sugar, carbs, and starch is critical


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