Best Damn Vegan Chili


Full Recipe:

Seriously, I’m not one to brag but this Chili recipe has placed MANY TIMES now in various Chili Cookoffs. I’m not kidding, and it not only came in 2nd place against nine other NON-Vegan entries… it happened in TEXAS!

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  1. I tried this recipe it really is the best damn vegan chilli . I made my fiancé chilli with meat the day before I made my vegan chilli and he said the vegan chilli was better than the meat chilli only thing I did different was all meat crumbles quorn brand I seasoned it with cumin , chilli powder , sea salt , pepper, paprika . My fiancé added Fritos to his I didn’t because I’m on a life change journey in regards to my health

  2. I made this last night. 1/4 cup of chili powder is far too much! I only put it in because you said: (yes 1/4 cup) My whole family woke up at 4am with stomach aches. I have been up since with my 8 year old because he is throwing up. This dish would have been really good with about half that amount. I caution anyone who makes this to cut the chili powder in half or even a quarter of this amount.